Inscription/ Particpant Questionnaire

Registration  will open December 15th 2018!

The ATS®Black Forest Intensive is a program of 26 hrs in-depth instruction and self-reflection, exchange and personal developement and can only be booked as the complete program.

The teachers Anita Lalwani and Kristine Adams will work out a specific program that will follow the participants's needs.

You can expect steps and technique to be broken down profoundly and in detail, lots of time for personal and group practise, conditioning excercises to help your body to gain the strength that you need for ATS®Bellydance, a good look at ATS® history, costume and anatomy, and how to prepare your ATS®-Set when you are performing

This program is aimed towards the intermediate - advanced ATS®dancer, all the moves of Level 1 and 2 should be known, and most of Level 3. 

Please be mindful of this fact when registering.

In 2019 we will take you beyond the base language of ATS and help you realize your own creative voice while still working within the framework of the dance.  Suitable for advanced ATS dancers as well as ambitious intermediate dancers.

We'd like to get to know you a bit better to tailor the ATS®Black Forest Intensive to suit the participants' needs and will ask everyone to answer a short questionnaire and provide us with a few informations about yourself after your successfull registration.

Required Reading: 

American Tribal Style® Classic, Vol. 1 by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and Kristine L. Adams, Companion to the Tribal Basics DVD Series

Cost information:

Our new founded association Devadasi Caravan is hosting The ATS® Black Forest Intensive 2017. We have created this association to make the event more affordable and community orientated. We are aiming to be very transparent with the costs and will give you an overview once you have registered.

The final cost of the event will depend on the number of participants and the Dollar/ Euro exchange. For now we will base the cost on the minimum of 20 participants, we will adjust the final cost towards the end of novembre. Overpaid fees will be refunded!

Cost: 538€ (25 participants) - 659€ (20 participants). Can be split into 3 installments.  The 1st payment of 200€ is to be paid when registering, the 2nd  payment is due 15.February 2019, the 3rd payment is due 15. May 2019.