The ATS®Black Forest Intensive  2019

Conceive. Create. Commit.

08th - 11th August 2019 in Offenburg


Welcome !

Save the date and join us for an exciting in-depth intensive for American Tribal Style® Bellydance!

I am very happy and proud to present you this intense 26 hrs-program with two of the most sought-after for ATS®-Bellydance:

Anita Lalwani and Kristine Adams from FatChanceBellyDance®!

Anita Lalwani

 Growing up in a Fairview Park, Ohio, Anita Lalwani was a bookworm. 

While she dabbled in athletics (tennis, skiing, and even synchronized swimming!), it was not until she moved to San Francisco and met Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman that she fell in love with one activity– American Tribal Style® (ATS®) bellydance! 

Her devotion to the ATS® dance form became so strong that Anita extracted herself from her administrative office job to embrace the art of movement and physical fitness full time.  She became a certified yoga teacher in 2005 and a personal fitness trainer in 2008. 

These skills have enhanced her teaching of bellydance and helped her to develop a popular Dance Conditioning class that blends yoga, dance drills, and strength training for the ATS® belly dancer. 

Anita has been  dancing with FatChanceBellyDance® and instructing classes for over a decade.  In her workshops and classes, Anita shares with her students her passion and belief in the transformative power of music and dance.

Kristine Adams

Kristine says: "I’m lucky enough to have been a FCBD® troupe member since 2005, studying directly under Carolena Nericcio since 2003.

This means being in the studio 3+ days a week, blood sweat and tears, side by side with the greats of ATS® ie: Carolena Nericcio, Wendy Allen, Anita Lalwani, Sandi Ball, Marsha Poulin, Colette Todorov, Jessie Gauld, Karen Gehrman and the likes.

I know my ATS®. Make sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from me as I wind my way around the world. I can’t wait to sweat it out with all you lovlies! "